Experiment Code

  • Code template for a standard “allergist task” with foods as cues and allergic reactions as outcomes [GitHub]

Stimulus Sets

If you use these, please cite me 🙂

  • Green-blue stimuli: A set of colored rectangles varying in hue (download). Folder includes a csv file with RGB and HSB values and a powerpoint slide to create figures. These stimuli were used in Lovibond, Lee, & Hayes (2020) to measure gradients of expectancy and identification.
  • Fruit and vegetable stimuli: A set of colored pictures of 12 fruits and 12 vegetables (download). Folder includes text files with typicality ratings for each exemplar, and similarity ratings for each pairwise combination, rated in terms of conceptual and visual similarity. More details can be found in Lee, Lovibond, & Hayes (2019) and the associated supplementary materials.